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Cedar Valley Middle School PTA Tax ID: 74-2673345
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Just For Jags Program Chair: Monica Williams

CeVMS PTA's Just for Jags Donation Drive is a fundraising effort which allows 100% of your donation to benefit our school and students! Rather than selling a product to receive a percentage of profits, the Direct Donation that you provide will save our students, parents and volunteers countless hours of solicitation, while providing a larger benefit to our school as a whole. These funds enable us to support school-wide needs such as software and technology upgrades, classroom workbooks, innovative learning materials, electives supplies, economically disadvantaged student supplies, classroom support for teachers and educational programs. The funds also support school programs such as the Reflections arts program, All A's, the 8th Grade Celebration, Teacher Appreciation, Scholarship programs and more! CeVMS uses all our donations to fully support needs for the school, and our funding level directly depends on the success of this campaign.
Please complete a Donation Form with all donations, make checks payable to CeVMS PTA, and write "Just for Jags" in the memo line. Checks may be returned to your student's advisory teacher in the purple envelope provided (or any envelope marked "PTA"). You will receive acknowledgement of your gift to use for income tax purposes at the end of the donation drive.
Credit Card Donations can be made here!
Company Matching
Does your company offer corporate matching of your gift? Contact your Human Resources Department to find out. This great benefit could double your gift, allowing the PTA to offer even more support to our school. If you need assistance, please forward any company forms or let us know who we can contact in your Human Resources Department for more information. Listed below are some larger companies that match their employees donations and, in some cases, specific instructions for matching.
Some companies with Employer Matching: AMD, Apple, Applied Materials, Bank of America, Dell, eBay, Google, IBM, Intel, LexisNexis, Logitech, Microsoft, National Instruments, Seton, Tyco, VMWare, and many others. 
AMD Employees: Employees/donors can record offline donations (and upload a copy of the donation receipt) or make credit card donations while requesting a match electronically through AMD Community Corps Connect located on the company's intranet. Minimum $25 match and maximum match of $3,000 per employee per calendar year.
Applied Materials Employees: Please click here to view matching guidelines. Matching program runs from September 15th - August 31st. Please wait until September 15th to make contributions. Minimum $25 match and maximum match of $2,000 per employee per matching program time period.
Apple Employees: Go to to log in to complete the matching process (search for Cedar Valley Middle School PTA or PTA Texas Congress/Cedar Valley Middle School PTA). Full & Part-time employees eligible for minimum $25 match and maximum match of $10,000 per employee per calendar year. 

Dell Employees:  Go to
 to access your Dell INTRANET link (Employee username and password required). 
  1. Go to the Search option under "Charities"
  2. To select charity, search for CeVMS by the EIN #74-2673345 and that will take you to the Donate page for Cedar Valley. Cedar Valley PTA is sometimes listed as PTA Texas Congress (with the address of 8139 Racine Trail, Austin), don't worry, that is CeVMS PTA.
  3. Payment options include Payroll Deduction and Credit Card payment
  4. Note: If you choose a repeating payroll deduction, those deductions expire in January and have to be renewed in December to continue.
  eBay Employees: The eBay Matching Gifts Program is handled through Your Cause and can be found by logging on to . You will need to log on with your employee information to complete the match. When choosing the organization, CeVMS PTA may be as "PTA Texas Congress/Cedar Valley Middle School." The program will match contributions by full or part-time employees with a minimum of $25, up to a maximum of $2,500 per calendar year to all eligible organizations.
Google Employees: Click here to sign in and register your matching gift electronically. Full & Part-time employees eligible for minimum $50 match and maximum match of $12,000 per employee per calendar year. Matching requests must be made within one year of the donation date.
    IBM Employees:
  1. The Matching Grants Program Form is available through your HR Dept or click here to download the form.
  2. Include the IBM form along with your Just for Jags Direct Donation Form
  3. CeVMS PTA will obtain required school signature and submit form to IBM for matching.

Intel Employees: Intel matches gifts with a ratio of .5:1 with a minimum donation of $25 and a maximum match of $10,000. Log on to Intel's Easy Match view matching guidelines and register your match. Matching offered to current full and part-time "Blue-Badge" employees and retirees of Intel.
 LexisNexis Employees: Please click here to view matching guidelines and information. Official forms may be obtained from LexisNexis Community Relations or download from the company intranet.
Microsoft Employees: Go to to log in to complete the matching process (search for Cedar Valley Middle School PTA or PTA Texas Congress/Cedar Valley Middle School PTA). Click here to view matching guidelines and information.
VMWare Employees: 1.) Make your gift directly to CeVMS PTA; 2) Within 6 months of the gift, you may request a matching gift through a quick, online request process at the VMware Matching Gift Program web site:; Have the name and address of the organization, date, and tax deductible amount of your gift. You will be asked to provide this information as well as the amount you wish to be matched. 3) Following receipt of the request, the VMware program administrator (JK Group) will contact CeVMS PTA to verify receipt of your gift.

Return to this page often as additional employer instructions will be added throughout the Donation Drive.